A Membership Based Organization in La Crosse County.


From our President

The La Crosse City/County Tavern League has been a proud partner with La Crosse and surrounding Communities for the past 69 years.

Our members support the local economy by providing jobs, paying taxes, and purchasing goods and services from businesses in the Coulee Region. We are Proud to Serve, and the League along with our members demonstrate that throughout the year by helping those in need whether they are private citizens or organizations that serve the greater good.

This year alone, our members have already given over $275,000.00 in donations and financial support to those in need through various fundraisers and events. In addition, our Foundation and League have contributed over $20,000.00 to various organizations which includes $5,000.00 given to the Coulee Council on Addictions towards the construction of their new Facility in La Crosse.

Our scholarship program offers financial aid to employees and family members of our League Members. Each year the total amount of dollars available to applicants is $3500.00 per year.

Our  County-Wide Saferide program provides a Safe Ride home for tavern patrons who choose not to drink and drive. The Safe Ride program is considered a highly effective program that keeps alcohol impaired drivers off the road leading to a steady decrease in OWI citations in Wisconsin.

The Tavern League encourages responsible serving by providing free or low cost Responsible Server Training (TIPS). We also provide Food Handling Safety training for employees at member establishments that serve food.

We are always available to assist area Festivals with advice to make sure that they are following all beverage serving laws to maintain a safe, friendly, and fun environment for attendees.

Our members are Proud to Serve our employees, our Patrons, and our Communities. 

Thanks for visiting our website and if you have any questions or would like more information, please visit the Contact Us page and send message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Warm regards,
Mike Brown
League President